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Outstanding Ofsted Report

On 5th May, our pre-school was visited by Ofsted inspectors for a scheduled inspection of our setting.

This was our very first Ofsted inspection, and the first Ofsted visit of our premises since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Our pre-school manager and the Inspector conducted a learning walk where we discussed the impact of the pandemic on our school.

The Inspector observed the quality of teaching during indoor and outdoor play and spoke with staff at appropriate times throughout the inspection. The Inspector also spoke to a small number of parents and engaged with some of our children during the visit.

Ofsted Grade 1: Outstanding

We are very proud to reveal that following the inspection, our pre-school was judged as "Outstanding".

An Outstanding school will receive Grade 1 for most, if not all inspection categories, meaning they provide the highest quality education and care for their children.

You can read a full copy of our Ofsted inspection report here on our website.

Some of the highlights that we are very proud of include:
"Children thrive in this nurturing and highly stimulating environment. They arrive with excitement as they are welcomed by familiar faces. Children enjoy meaningful interactions with staff, which stimulate their learning and build on what children already know. The children explore the well-planned environment with curiosity and interest."

"Children's behaviour is exemplary. They are highly respectful and kind towards each other. Children play well alongside one another, they listen to each other's ideas and take turns. Staff comfort and support young children, forming secure attachments."

"Personal social and emotional development is at the heart of this setting's curriculum. In the baby room, staff offer babies cuddles and reassure them as they learn to explore the world around them. Staff celebrate children's achievements, encouraging their motivation to continue to have a positive attitude to learning."

If you have questions related to the inspection report, please send them to

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June 20, 2022